Russian word of the day: Злой

Mar 10, 2019

How to say 

"Angry" in Russian




angry; wicked, evil; malicious, spiteful, mean


  • Осторо́жно, зла́я соба́ка!

    as-ta-rój-na, zlá-ya sa-bá-ka

    Be aware of the dog! (Lit. - Careful, angry dog!)

  • Почему́ ты всегда́ тако́й злой?

    pa-chee-mú ty fseeg-dá ta-kóî zloî

    Why are you always so angry?

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Same stem words

назло́ [naz-ló] Adverb
out of spite
злопа́мятный [zla-pá-myat-nyi] Adjective
vindictive, rancorous, unforgiving
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Related words and phrases

скупо́й [sku-póî] Adjective
stingy, miserly, avaricious
приве́тливый [pree-vyét-lee-vyî] Adjective
friendly, affable
ще́дрый [schyéd-ryî] Adjective
generous, open-handed
че́стный [chyést-nyî] Adjective

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