Russian word of the day: Жениться

Oct 02, 2018

How to say 

"Get married" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - жени́ться, пожени́ться

to get married


  • Ты когда́ успе́л жени́ться?

    ty kag-dá us-pyél zhee-née-tsa

    When did you have time to get married?

  • Он жени́лся год наза́д.

    on zhee-néel-sya got na-zát

    He got married a year ago.

Useful information

In Russian, "жениться" is used when talking about men or couples. When talking about women, you should use "выйти замуж".

"Жениться" is a perfective and imperfective verb at the same time. It's more often used as perfective. Example of this verb as imperfective:

- Они́ жени́лись под откры́тым не́бом.
- They were getting married under an open sky.

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Same stem words

же́нщина [zhén-schee-na] Noun , feminine
пожени́ться [pa-zhi-ní-tsa] Verbo , perfectivo
жени́х [zhe-néeh] Noun , masculine
fiance, bridegroom, suiter, admirer
пожени́ться [pa-zhee-née-tsa] Verb , perfective
to get married
жена́ [zhee-ná] Noun , feminine
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Related words and phrases

роди́ться [ra-dée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to be born
разби́ть се́рдце [raz-béet' syér-tse] Phrase
to break the heart
флиртова́ть [fleer-ta-vát'] Verb , imperfective
to flirt
неве́ста [nee-vyés-ta] Noun , feminine
bride, fiancee

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