Russian word of the day: Жених

Jan 31, 2018

How to say 

"Fiance" in Russian



Noun , masculine

fiance, bridegroom, suiter, admirer


  • Представля́ю вам моего́ жениха́.

    pryed-stav-lyá-yu vam ma-ee-vó zhe-nee-há

    I present to you my fiancé.

  • У неё от женихо́в отбо́я нет.

    u nee-yó at zhe-nee-hóf at-bó-ya nyet

    She has a lot of admirers.

Same stem words

жени́ться [zhee-née-tsa] Verb
to get married
же́нщина [zhén-schee-na] Noun
пожени́ться [pa-zhee-née-tsa] Verb
to get married
жена́ [zhee-ná] Noun
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Related words and phrases

брак [brak] Noun
marriage; flaw, defect, defective articles / goods
холостя́к [ha-las-tyák] Noun
bachelor, single man
ухажёр [u-ha-zhyór] Noun
admirer, a man (guy) who is trying to court a woman (girl)
разби́ть се́рдце [raz-béet' syér-tse] Phrase
to break the heart

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