Russian word of the day: Жареный

Oct 13, 2018

How to say 

"Fried" in Russian






  • Сего́дня на у́жин жа́реная карто́шка с гриба́ми.

    see-vód-nya na ú-zheen zhá-ree-na-ya kar-tósh-ka s gree-bá-mee

    Today for dinner we have fried potatoes with mushrooms.

  • Избега́йте солёного, о́строго и жа́реного.

    eez-bee-gáî-tye sa-lyó-na-va, óst-ra-va ee zhá-ree-na-va

    Avoid salty, spicy and fried food.

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Same stem words

жа́рко [zhár-ka] Adverb
hot, it's hot
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Related words and phrases

микроволно́вка [meek-ra-val-nóf-ka] Noun , feminine
microwave (oven)
реце́пт [ree-tsept] Noun , masculine
recipe; prescription
свари́ть [sva-réet'] Verb , perfective
to cook by boiling
кастрю́ля [kast-ryú-lya] Noun , feminine
pan, saucepan, pot, casserole

2 thoughts on “Жареный

  1. Избега́йте солёного, о́строго и жа́реного. These adjectives are masculine singular, so what noun do they describe? It cannot be “еда.”

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