Russian word of the day: Затылок

Jul 21, 2018

How to say 

"Back of the head" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - заты́лки

back of the head


  • Ко́стя почеса́л заты́лок и пожа́л плеча́ми.

    kós-tya pa-chee-sál za-tý-lak ee pa-zhál plee-chá-mee

    Kostya scratched his head (the back of his head) and shrugged.

  • У него́ появи́лась седина́ на заты́лке.

    y nee-vó pa-ya-vée-las' see-dee-ná na za-týl-kye

    The gray hair appeared on the back of his head.

Related words and phrases

ступня́ [stup-nyá] Noun
foot, sole
щека́ [schee-ká] Noun , plural - щёки
рот [rot] Noun
лицо́ [lee-tsó] Noun , plural - ли́ца
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