Russian word of the day: Запомнить

Mar 13, 2017

How to say 

"To memorize" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - запомина́ть

to memorize, to remember


  • Запо́мни э́то!

    za-póm-nee é-ta

    Remember this!

  • Я ничего́ не запо́мнила.

    ya nee-chee-vó nye za-póm-nee-la

    I do not remember anything (I didn't memorize anything).

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по-ру́сски [pa-rús-kee] Phrase
in Russian
говори́ть [ga-va-réet'] Verb
to talk, to speak
иску́сственный [ees-kust-vyen-nyi] Adjective
молодо́й [ma-la-dóî] Adjective
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