Russian word of the day: Зачет

Oct 21, 2018



Noun , masculine

Plural - зачёты

(in studies) a test or a mark that test is passed; (in competitions) amount of points


  • Он получи́л зачёт по исто́рии.

    on pa-lu-chéel za-chyót pa ees-tó-ree-ee

    He passed a history test.

  • Очки́ спортсме́на иду́т в кома́ндный зачёт.

    ach-kée sparts-myé-na ee-dút f ka-mánd-nyî za-chyót

    Points of an athlete are added to the team total.

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Related words and phrases

уро́к [u-rók] Noun , masculine
экза́мен [ek-zá-meen] Noun , masculine
examination, exam
шко́ла [shkó-la] Noun , feminine
прогу́ливать [pra-gu-lee-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to miss, to skip (classes or work)

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