Russian word of the day: Забывать

Feb 02, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to forget


  • Я всё вре́мя забыва́ю пин-код от э́той ка́рты.

    ya vsyo vryé-mya za-by-vá-yu peen-kod at é-taî kár-ty

    I always forget the pin code from this card.

  • Пиши́, не забыва́й!

    pee-shée, nye za-by-váî

    Write me, don't be a stranger! (a phrase in the end of the letter)

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Related words and phrases

иностра́нный [ee-na-strán-nyî] Adjective
глу́пый [glú-pyi] Adjective
foolish, silly, stupid
опа́здывать [a-páz-dy-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to be late, to be overdue
встреча́ться [vstree-chá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to meet, to see, to date (somebody)

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