Russian phrase of the day: За свой счет

Apr 14, 2019

за свой счёт

za svoî schyot


at one's own expense, out of one's own pocket

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  • Жильцы́ до́ма постро́или де́тскую площа́дку за свой счёт.

    zheel'-tsý dó-ma past-ró-ee-lee dyéts-ku-yu pla-schát-ku za svoî schyot

    The residents of the building built a playground for kids at their own expense.

  • Я не приду́ на рабо́ту в пя́тницу, беру́ за свой счёт.

    ya nye pree-dú na ra-bó-tu f pyát-nee-tsu, bee-rú za svoî schyot

    I'm not coming to work on Friday, I'm taking an unpaid day off (a day off at my own expense).

Related words and phrases

заплати́ть [za-pla-téet'] Verb
to pay
разме́р [raz-myér] Noun
купи́ть [ku-péet'] Verb
to buy, to purchase
сда́ча [sdá-cha] Noun
change (in a store); delivery (of goods)
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