Russian word of the day: Ябеда

Sep 13, 2017



Noun , masculine or feminine

Plural - я́беды

snitch, sneak, informer


  • Не будь я́бедой!

    nye but' yá-bee-dai

    Do not be a snitch!

  • А ты, ма́ленькая я́беда, всё ма́ме рассказа́ла!

    a ty, má-leen'-ka-ya yá-bee-da, fsyo má-mye ras-ka-zá-la

    And you, little snitch, told mom everything!

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "ябед".

  • Ча́ще всего́, я́бедничая, ребёнок получа́ет дополни́тельное внима́ние педаго́га.

    chá-sche vsee-vó, yá-beed-nee-cha-ya, ree-byó-nak pa-lu-chá-eet da-pal-née-teel'-na-ye vnee-má-nee-ye pee-da-gó-ga

    More often than not, when reporting on others the child receives additional attention from the teacher.

  • Бра́тья научи́ли его́ не я́бедничать и храни́ть секре́ты.

    brát'-ya na-u-chée-lee ye-vó nye yá-beed-nee-cheet' ee hra-néet' seek-ryé-ty

    His brothers taught him not to report on others and keep secrets.

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Same stem words

я́бедничать [ya-beed-nee-cheet'] Verb
to report another's wrongdoing

Related words and phrases

вре́дина [vryé-dee-na] Noun , masculine or feminine
one who acts in spite; meany
глаза́стый [gla-zás-tyi] Adjective
big-eyed, pop-eyed; sharp-sighted, quick-sighted
грязну́ля [greez-nú-lya] Noun , masculine or feminine
dirty one
жа́дина [zhá-dee-na] Noun
greedy person

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