Russian word of the day: Выиграть

Sep 04, 2018

How to say 

"To win" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - выи́грывать

to win

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  • Он вы́играл у меня́ в ша́шки.

    on vý-eeg-ral u mee-nyá f shásh-kee

    He has beaten me in checkers.

  • На́ша кома́нда вы́играла соревнова́ния.

    ná-sha ka-mán-da vý-eeg-ra-la sa-reev-na-vá-nee-ya

    Our team won the competition.

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Same stem words

игра́ть [eeg-rát'] Verb
to play
заи́грывать [za-éeg-ry-vat'] Verb
to flirt
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Related words and phrases

подави́ться [pa-da-vée-tsa] Verb
to choke
уда́чливый [u-dách-lee-vyî] Adjective
lucky (accompanied by good luck)
замёрзнуть [za-myórz-nut'] Verb
to freeze, to congeal, to become frozen
молча́ть [mal-chat'] Verb
to be / to keep / to remain silent
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