Russian word of the day: Врасплох

Jun 24, 2018

How to say 

"Unawares" in Russian




unawares, unexpectedly, by surprise

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  • Он заста́л меня́ враспло́х.

    on zas-tál mee-nyá vrasp-lóh

    He took me by surprise.

  • Захва́ченный враспло́х, он не успе́л сообрази́ть что происхо́дит.

    za-hvá-chyen-nyî vrasp-lóh, on nye us-pyél sa-ab-ra-zéet' chto pra-ees-hó-deet

    Captured unawares, he did not have time to figure out what was happening.

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Related words and phrases

уплета́ть [up-lee-tát'] Verb
to eat greedily, to stuff oneself with (food)
тропи́нка [tra-péen-ka] Noun
path, trail (usually a narrow trodden one)
босико́м [ba-see-kóm] Adverb
насма́рку [nas-már-ku] , used only in combinations
with no positive outcome, ~go down the drain

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