Russian phrase of the day: Вот те на

May 04, 2017

вот те на

vot tye na


expresses surprise


  • Вот те на! А мы-то и не зна́ли ничего́!

    vot tye na! a my-ta ee nye zná-lee nee-chee-vó

    Wow! And we knew nothing at all!

  • Вот те на! Э́то с каки́х э́то пор ты сла́дкое не ешь?

    vot tye na! é-ta s ka-kéeh é-ta por ty slát-ka-ye nye yesh?

    Really? And since when do you not eat sweets?

2 thoughts on “Вот те на

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Yixin,

      It’s a good question. The particle “-то” is used in Russian to emphasize the word to which it’s attached.

      It’s actually a good idea for the next lesson for Learn Russian Step by Step. Check it out when it’s out, we’ll give some more examples with explanations. We’ll try to publish the lesson it within the following couple of weeks.

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