Russian word of the day: Веселиться

Jan 07, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to enjoy oneself, to have fun (a good time)


  • Они́ весели́лись как де́ти.

    a-née vee-see-lée-lees' kak dyé-tee

    They had fun like children do.

  • Лю́ди в Росси́и и пра́вда уме́ют весели́ться.

    lyú-dee v ras-sée-ee ee práv-da u-myé-yut vee-see-lée-tsa

    People in Russia really know how to have fun.

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Related words and phrases

взя́тка [vzyát-ka] Noun , feminine
оце́нка [a-tsén-ka] Noun , feminine
mark, grade; estimation, assessment, evaluation
занима́ть [za-nee-mát'] Verb , imperfective
to occupy, to take up; to borrow
замёрзнуть [za-myórz-nut'] Verb , perfective
to freeze, to congeal, to become frozen

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