Russian phrase of the day: В упор

Sep 05, 2018

в упо́р

v u-pór


face to face, right up to, point-blank


  • Где? В упо́р не ви́жу.

    gdye? v u-pór nye vée-zhu

    Where? I'm looking point-blank and can't see it.

  • Они́ смотре́ли друг на дру́га в упо́р и не дви́гались.

    a-née smat-ryé-lee druk na drú-ga v u-pór ee nye dvée-ga-lées'

    They were staring at each other face to face and not moving.

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Related words and phrases

на одно́м дыха́нии [na ad-nóm dy-há-nee-ee] Phrase
in one breath
и и́же с ни́ми [ee ée-zhe s née-mee] Phrase
and of their ilk, and others like them
ну и ну [nu ee nu] Phrase
(expresses surprise, possibly disapproval)
сам не свой [sam nye svoi] Phrase , feminine - "сама не своя"
not himself, beside himself

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