Russian word of the day: Устать

Oct 24, 2017



Verb , perfective

to get tired


  • Я так уста́ла, е́ле на нога́х стою́.

    ya tak us-tá-la, yé-lye na na-gáh sta-yú

    I'm so tired, I can barely stand on my feet.

  • Вы не уста́ли?

    vy nye us-tá-lee

    You're not tired?

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Related words and phrases

необходи́мо [nee-ap-ha-dée-ma]
(it's a) must, needed
уходи́ть [u-ha-déet'] Verb , imperfective
to walk away, to leave
гости́ница [gas-tée-nee-tsa] Noun , feminine
иностра́нный [ee-na-strán-nyî] Adjective

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