Russian word of the day: Умываться

Mar 20, 2019



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - умы́ться

to wash (one's face and hands)


  • Он привы́к умыва́ться холо́дной водо́й.

    on pree-výk u-my-vá-tsa ha-lód-naî va-dóî

    He is used to wash (his face in the morning) with cold water.

  • Ты сего́дня умыва́лся?

    ty see-vód-nya u-my-vál-sya

    Have you washed your face today?

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одева́ться [a-dee-vá-tsa] Verb
to dress, to put one's clothes on
обы́чно [a-bých-na] Adverb
usually; normally, ordinarily
за́втрак [záft-rak] Noun
у́жинать [ú-zhee-nat'] Verb
to take / have supper
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