Russian word of the day: Ухаживать

Feb 21, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to court, to pay court to, to woo; to look after, to take care of, to nurse


  • За ней пыта́лся уха́живать сын депута́та.

    za nyeî py-tál-sya u-há-zhee-vat' syn dee-pu-tá-ta

    The son of a deputy tried to court her.

  • За цвета́ми никто́ не уха́живал и они́ завя́ли.

    za tsvee-tá-mee neek-tó nye u-há-zhee-val ee a-née za-vyá-lee

    Nobody was taking care of the flowers, so they wilted.

Same stem words

ухажёр [u-ha-zhyór] Noun , masculine
admirer, a man (guy) who is trying to court a woman (girl)
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Related words and phrases

сде́лать предложе́ние [sdyé-lat' preed-la-zhé-nee-ye] Phrase
to propose
жена́ [zhee-ná] Noun , feminine
вы́йти за́муж [výi-tee zá-muzh] Phrase
to get married (for women)
влюби́ться [vlyu-bée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to fall in love

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