Russian word of the day: Ухажер

Feb 28, 2018



Noun , masculine

admirer, a man (guy) who is trying to court a woman (girl)

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  • Мари́на со свои́м ухажёром ушли́ в кино́.

    ma-rée-na sa sva-éem u-ha-zhyó-ram ush-lée v kee-nó

    Marina and her admirer went to the movies.

  • У тебя́ ка́ждый день но́вый ухажёр.

    u tee-byá kázh-dyî dyen' nó-vyî u-ha-zhyór

    You have a new admirer every day.

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Same stem words

уха́живать [u-há-zhee-vat'] Verb
to court, to pay court to, to woo; to look after, to take care of, to nurse
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Related words and phrases

новобра́чные [na-va-brách-ny-ye] Noun
newly-weds, newly-married
холостя́к [ha-las-tyák] Noun
bachelor, single man
сва́дьба [svád'-ba] Noun
любо́вь [lyu-bóf'] Noun

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