Russian word of the day: Удовольствие

Jun 17, 2018

How to say 

"Pleasure" in Russian



Noun , neuter



  • Я помогу́ вам с удово́льствием.

    ya pa-ma-gú vam s u-da-vól'st-vee-yem

    I will help you with pleasure.

  • Рабо́тать с ним - одно́ удово́льствие.

    ra-bó-tat' s neem - ad-nó u-da-vól'st-vee-ye

    Working with him is a pleasure.


Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "удовольств".

  • Дорого́е э́то ны́нче удово́льствие!

    da-ra-gó-ye é-ta nýn-che u-da-vól'st-vee-ye

    It's an expensive pleasure these days!

  • Почему́ от удово́льствия по ко́же бе́гают мура́шки?

    pa-chee-mú at u-da-vól'st-vee-ya pa kó-zhe byé-ga-yut mu-rásh-kee

    Why does our skin get covered with goosebumps from pleasure?

Related words and phrases

зави́довать [za-vée-da-vat'] Verb
to envy, to be envious / jealous
хохота́ть [ha-ha-tát'] Verb
to laugh loudly, to guffaw
успоко́иться [us-pa-kó-ee-tsa] Verb
to calm down
дово́льный [da-vól'-nyî] Adjective
content, satisfied, pleased

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