Russian phrase of the day: Удостоверение личности

May 23, 2018

удостовере́ние ли́чности

u-das-ta-vee-ryé-nee-ye léech-nas-tee


identification card, certificate of identity, passport


  • Предъяви́те ва́ше удостовере́ние ли́чности, пожа́луйста.

    preed-ya-vée-tye vá-she u-das-ta-vee-ryé-nee-ye léech-nas-tee, pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Show your identification card, please.

  • В Кита́е бы́ло разрабо́тано электро́нное удостовере́ние ли́чности.

    v kee-tá-ye bý-la raz-ra-bó-ta-na e-leek-trón-na-ye u-das-ta-vee-ryé-nee-ye léech-nas-tee

    In China, an electronic identity card was developed.

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кошма́р [kash-már] Noun , masculine
прийти́сь [preei-tées'] Verb , perfective
to suit, to fit, to fall on, to happen
доста́ть [das-tát'] Verb , perfective
to reach, to touch; to take out; to get; (slang) to bring somebody to a very irritated state
ве́рить [vyé-reet'] Verb , imperfective
to believe, to trust

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