Russian word of the day: Удачный

Jul 13, 2018

How to say 

"Successful" in Russian





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  • Э́то был уда́чный вы́бор.

    é-ta byl u-dách-nyî vý-bar

    It was a good choice.

  • Шу́тка была́ уда́чной.

    shút-ka by-lá u-dách-naî

    The joke was successful.

Same stem words

уда́чливый [u-dách-lee-vyî] Adjective
lucky (accompanied by good luck)
уда́ча [u-dá-cha] Noun
(good) luck, success, good fortune

Related words and phrases

получа́ться [pa-lu-chá-tsa] Verb
to result, to turn out, to arrive
заткну́ться [zatk-nú-tsa] Verb
to shut up
потерпе́ть [pa-teer-pyét'] Verb
to be patient, to tolerate, to suffer
по́ровну [pó-rav-nu] Adverb
equally, in equal parts
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