Russian word of the day: Удачливый

Aug 02, 2018

How to say 

"Lucky" in Russian




lucky (accompanied by good luck)


  • Он счита́ет себя́ уда́чливым челове́ком.

    on schee-tá-eet see-byá u-dách-lee-vym chee-la-vyé-kam

    He considers himself a lucky man.

  • Са́мый уда́чливый игро́к полу́чит дополни́тельный приз.

    sá-myî u-dách-lee-vyî eeg-rók pa-lú-cheet da-pal-née-teel'-nyÎ prees

    The luckiest player will receive an additional prize.

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Same stem words

уда́чный [u-dách-nyî] Adjective
уда́ча [u-dá-cha] Noun
(good) luck, success, good fortune

Related words and phrases

замёрзнуть [za-myórz-nut'] Verb
to freeze, to congeal, to become frozen
пра́вда [práv-da] Noun
удостовере́ние ли́чности [u-das-ta-vee-ryé-nee-ye léech-nas-tee] Phrase
identification card, certificate of identity, passport
нау́шники [na-úsh-nee-kee] Noun
headphones, earphones

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