Russian word of the day: Тяжелый

Jun 29, 2018




heavy, hard, difficult


  • День вы́дался тяжёлый.

    dyen' vý-dal-sya tee-zhó-lyî

    The day was hard.

  • Э́та су́мка сли́шком тяжёлая, в ручну́ю кладь её не допу́стят.

    é-ta súm-ka sléesh-kam tee-zhó-la-ya, v ruch-nú-yu klad' ye-yó nye da-pús-tyat

    This bag is too heavy, it will not be allowed in hand luggage.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "тяжел".

  • Ему́ пришло́сь тяжело́.

    ye-mú preesh-lós' tee-zhee-ló

    He had a hard time (A hard time fell on him).

  • Страна́ пережива́ет тяжёлое вре́мя.

    stra-ná pee-ree-zhee-vá-eet tee-zhó-la-ye vryé-mya

    The country is going through a difficult time.

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Related words and phrases

ни́зкий [néez-keeî] Adjective
low, short
ма́ленький [má-leen'-keeî] Adjective
little, small
твёрдый [tvyór-dyî] Adjective
hard, solid, rigid, firm
широ́кий [shee-ró-keeî] Adjective
wide, broad

2 thoughts on “Тяжелый

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Junaid,

      The closest would be “он завернул одеяло”. By the way, it’s polite to say “please” in this case. You are welcome.

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