Russian phrase of the day: Тяп-ляп

Nov 14, 2018




anyhow, in a slipshod way, botched up


  • Ты всё де́лаешь тяп-ляп.

    ty fsyo dyé-la-yesh tyap-lyap

    You botch everything you do.

  • Ремо́нт де́лался второпя́х, тяп-ляп и абы́ как.

    ree-mónt dyé-lal-sya fta-ra-pyáh, tyap-lyap ee á-by kak

    The repair was done in a hurry and is totally botched up.

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ух ты [uh ty] Phrase
expresses amazement and surprise
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2 thoughts on “Тяп-ляп

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