Russian word of the day: Твердый

Mar 20, 2018




hard, solid, rigid, firm


  • Он при́нял твёрдое реше́ние бро́сить кури́ть с за́втрашнего дня.

    on prée-neel tvyór-da-ye ree-shé-nee-ye bró-seet' ku-réet' s záv-trash-nee-va dnya

    He made a firm decision to stop smoking from tomorrow.

  • Она́ подошла́ к нам твёрдым ша́гом.

    a-ná pa-dash-lá k nam tvyór-dym shá-gam

    She approached us stepping firmly.

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Related words and phrases

мя́гкий [myáh-keeî] Adjective
soft, gentle, mild
ни́зкий [néez-keeî] Adjective
low, short
тяжёлый [tee-zhó-lyî] Adjective
heavy, hard, difficult
высо́кий [vy-só-keeî] Adjective
high, tall
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    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Lourenço,

      “Знай себе” is an expression, meaning “not paying attention to anything else”. This expression could be re-phrased “He is sleeping without caring about anything around”.

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