Russian phrase of the day: Тоже мне

Jul 09, 2018

то́же мне

tó-zhe mnye


~ that's not ... (expresses disapproval in relation to something or someone, lit. - also to me)


  • То́же мне но́вость! Об э́том бы́ло изве́стно уже́ неде́лю наза́д.

    tó-zhe mnye nó-vast'! ab é-tam bý-la eez-vyést-na u-zhé nee-dyé-lyu na-zát

    That's not news! It was known a week ago.

  • То́же мне учи́тель! Да у него́ в ка́ждом предложе́нии граммати́ческая оши́бка.

    tó-zhe mnye u-chée-tyel'! da u nee-vó v kázh-dam preed-la-zhé-nee-ee gram-ma-tée-chees-ka-ya a-shéep-ka

    And he calls himself a teacher! He has a grammatical error in every sentence!

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Related words and phrases

так получи́лось [tak pa-lu-chée-las'] Phrase
it happened this way, it so fell out
отда́ть до́лжное [at-dát' dólzh-na-ye] Phrase
to give/render somebody his due, to pay tribute to
сам не свой [sam nye svoi] Phrase , feminine - "сама не своя"
not himself, beside himself
как попа́ло [kak pa-pá-la] Phrase
anyhow, at random, haphazard, any which way

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