How to say 

"Tongue-tie" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Aug 06, 2019
[ kas-na-ee-zý-chee-ye ]

Noun , neuter

tongue-tie; inability to construct speech properly


  • Он страда́ет небольши́м косноязы́чием.

    on stra-dá-eet nee-bal'-sheem kas-na-ya-zý-chee-em

    He is a little tongue-tied.

  • Косноязы́чие выступа́ющего утомля́ло.

    kas-na-ya-zý-chee-ye vys-tu-pa-yu-schye-va u-tam-lyá-la

    The badly constructed speech of the speaker was tiring.


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Same stem words

язы́к [ya-zýk] Noun
tongue, language

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