Russian word of the day: Тараторить

May 13, 2019



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - протарато́рить

to talk very fast, to gabble


  • Прекрати́ таратори́ть без у́молку, дай други́м лю́дям вы́сказаться.

    pree-kra-tée ta-ra-tó-teet' byez u-mól-ku, daî drú-geem lyú-dyam výs-ka-za-tsa

    Stop chattering non stop, let other people speak.

  • Он был о́чень эмоциона́лен и таратори́л что́-то бессвя́зное.

    on byl ó-cheen' e-ma-tsee-a-né-leen ee ta-ra-tó-reel chtó-na bees-svyáz-na-ye

    He was very emotional and was gabbling something incoherent.

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Related words and phrases

допото́пный [da-pa-tóp-nyî] Adjective
antediluvian, outdated, old-fashioned, ancient
неуже́ли [nee-u-zhé-lee] Particle
is it really? (a question, expresses doubt, distrust, surprise)
зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
причёска [pree-chyós-ka] Noun
hairstyle, hairdo, haircut

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