Russian word of the day: Купаться

Oct 31, 2019



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - искупа́ться

to take a bath, to bathe, to have a swim, to have a dip


  • Вода́ така́я тёплая, пошли́ купа́ться!

    va-dá ta-ká-ya tyóp-la-ya, pash-lée ku-pá-tsa

    The water is so warm, let's go swimming!

  • Они́ привы́кли купа́ться в ро́скоши.

    a-née pree-výk-lee ku-pá-tsa v rós-ka-shee

    They are used to luxuriate (swim in luxury).

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Related words and phrases

симпати́чный [seem-pa-téech-nyî] Adjective
pretty, handsome, likable, attractive
заня́ть [za-nyát'] Verb
to occupy; to borrow
стара́ться [sta-rá-tsa] Verb
to try, to seek, to endeavour
расти́ [ras-tée] Verb
to grow, to rise, to go up

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