Russian word of the day: Загорать

Sep 03, 2019

How to say 

"To sunbathe" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - загоре́ть

to sunbathe


  • Здесь мо́жно загора́ть, но не купа́ться.

    zdyes' mózh-na za-ga-rát', no nye ku-pá-tsa

    Here you can sunbathe, but not swim.

  • Всё ле́то они́ купа́лись и загора́ли.

    fsyo lyé-ta a-née ku-pá-lees' ee za-ga-rá-lee

    All summer they swam and sunbathed.


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грани́ца [gra-née-tsa] Noun
border, limit, boundary
ми́мо [mée-ma] Preposition
past, by; wide of the mark
симпати́чный [seem-pa-téech-nyî] Adjective
pretty, handsome, likable, attractive
вы́терпеть [vý-teer-pyét'] Verb
to endure, to bear; to undergo, to suffer

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