Russian word of the day: Расплатиться

May 11, 2019

How to say 

"To pay off" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - распла́чиваться

to pay, to pay off, to settle accounts


  • У тебя́ есть ме́лкие де́ньги расплати́ться с такси́стом?

    u tee-byá yest' myél-kee-ye dyén'-gee ras-pla-tée-tsa s tak-sées-tam

    Do you have small money to pay the taxi driver?

  • Он расплати́лся креди́тной ка́ртой.

    on ras-pla-téel-sya kree-déet-naî kár-taî

    He paid with a credit card.

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Same stem words

беспла́тно [bees-plát-na] Adverb
free (of charge)
заплати́ть [za-pla-téet'] Verb
to pay
поплати́ться [pa-pla-tée-tsa] Verb
to pay for something one has done
зарпла́та [zar-plá-ta] Noun , short from за́работная пла́та
wages, salary
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Related words and phrases

покупа́ть [pa-ku-pát'] Verb
to buy, to purchase
дёшево [dyó-she-va] Adverb
ка́сса [kás-sa] Noun
cash desk, cashier's desk, cash register
за свой счёт [za svoî schyot] Phrase
at one's own expense, out of one's own pocket

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