Russian word of the day: Промокнуть

Jul 03, 2019



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - мо́кнуть

to let water through, to get wet / soaked


  • Како́й дождь сего́дня, я вся промо́кла!

    ka-kóî dozhd' see-vód-nya, ya fsya pra-mók-la

    What a rain today, I got all wet!

  • У меня́ промо́кли но́ги.

    u mee-nyá pra-mók-lee nó-gee

    My feet got wet.

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Related words and phrases

расти́ [ras-tée] Verb
to grow, to rise, to go up
брак [brak] Noun
marriage; flaw, defect, defective articles / goods
вы́ключить [výk-lyu-cheet'] Verb
to turn off, to switch off
вверх ногами [vyerh na-gá-mee] Phrase
upside down, head over heels

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