Russian word of the day: Узнать

Dec 02, 2019



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - узнава́ть

to learn, to get to know, find out; to recognize


  • Она́ меня́ не узна́ла.

    a-ná mee-nyá nye uz-ná-la

    She did not recognize me.

  • На́ши журнали́сты узна́ли подро́бности происше́ствия.

    ná-shee zhur-na-lées-ty uz-ná-lee pad-rób-nas-tee pra-ee-shést-vee-ya

    Our journalists found out the details of the incident.


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Same stem words

знать [znat'] Verb
to know
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Related words and phrases

гро́мко [gróm-ka] Adverb
loud, loudly
съесть [s-yest'] Verb
to eat (up)
как дела́? [kak dee-lá] Phrase
how are you?
прия́тного аппети́та [pree-yát-na-va ap-pee-tée-ta] Phrase
enjoy your meal, bon appetit

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