Russian word of the day: Знать

Jan 06, 2020

How to say 

"To know" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - узна́ть

to know


  • Ты что-нибу́дь зна́ешь об э́том?

    ty chto-nee-bút' zná-eesh' ab é-tam

    Do you know anything about it?

  • Они́ ничего́ не зна́ли о на́шем прие́зде.

    a-née nee-chee-vó nye zná-lee a ná-shem pree-yéz-dye

    They did not know anything about our arrival.


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Same stem words

узна́ть [uz-nát'] Verb
to learn, to get to know, find out; to recognize

Related words and phrases

уда́ча [u-dá-cha] Noun
(good) luck, success, good fortune
сади́ться [sa-dée-tsa] Verb
to sit down
пое́сть [pa-yest'] Verb
to eat; to have a bite / snack, to take some food
зе́ркало [zyér-ka-la] Noun

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