How to say 

"To inflate" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jun 16, 2019
[ na-dút' ]

Verb , perfective

Imperfective - надува́ть

to inflate; (slang) to fool, to trick, to cheat


  • Наду́й, пожа́луйста, ша́рики для дете́й.

    na-dúî, pa-zhá-luî-sta, shá-ree-kee dlya dee-tyéî

    Inflate the balloons for children please.

  • Тебя́ наду́ли, э́то подде́лка!

    tee-byá na-dú-lee, é-ta pad-dyél-ka

    You were cheated, it's a fake!

Same stem words

ду́ться [dú-tsa] Verb
to sulk , to pout

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