How to say 

"To give" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 12, 2019
[ da-vát' ]

Verb , imperfective

Perfective - дать (see below)

to give

Useful information

Дава́ть in its command form (дава́й) is used by Russians to say "let's". You can learn more about it here: commands for the 1st and 3d person in Russian.


  • Дава́й договори́мся на сре́ду.

    da-váî da-ga-va-réem-sya na sryé-du

    Let's agree on Wednesday.

  • Он не дава́л никаки́х обеща́ний.

    on nye da-vál nee-ka-kéeh a-bee-schá-neeî

    He made (gave) no promises.


The perfective aspect

[ dat' ]
to give
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