Russian word of the day: Расстроиться

Mar 24, 2020
[ ra-stró-ee-tsa ]

Verb , perfective

Imperfective - расстра́иваться (see below)

to get upset; to be out of tune (about musical instruments); to fall to the ground (about plans)


  • Роди́тели расстро́ились, что ты не прие́дешь.

    ra-dée-tee-lee ra-stró-ee-lees', chto ty nye pree-yé-deesh'

    Parents are upset that you are not coming.

  • Гита́ра совсе́м расстро́илась.

    gee-tá-ra saf-syém ra-stró-ee-las'

    The guitar is completely out of tune.

The imperfective aspect

[ rast-rá-ee-va-tsa ]
to get upset; to be out of tune (musical instruments); to fall apart (plans, etc.)

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