Russian word of the day: Покормить

Jul 05, 2019

How to say 

"To feed" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - корми́ть

to feed


  • Не забу́дь покорми́ть ры́бок!

    nye za-bút' pa-kar-méet' rý-bak

    Do not forget to feed the fish!

  • Покорми́ дете́й и уложи́ их спать.

    pa-kar-mée dee-tyéî ee u-la-zhée eeh spat'

    Feed the kids and put them to sleep.

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наруша́ть [na-ru-shát'] Verb
to infringe, to violate, to break, to disrupt, to impair
душа́ [du-shá] Noun
soul, spirit
сговори́ться [sga-va-rée-tsa] Verb
to agree to do something, to conspire, to plot
загора́ть [za-ga-rát'] Verb
to sunbathe
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