How to say 

"To copy off / to crib" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 11, 2019
[ spée-sy-vat' ]

Verb , imperfective

Perfective - списа́ть

to copy off, to crib


  • Дома́шку он никогда́ не де́лал, а всё вре́мя спи́сывал.

    da-másh-ku on nee-kag-dá nye dyé-lal, a fsyo vryé-mya spée-sy-val

    He never did his homework but always copied it from others.

  • В шко́ле она́ никогда́ никому́ не дава́ла спи́сывать.

    f shkó-lye a-ná nee-kag-dá nee-ka-mú nye da-vá-la spee-sy-vat'

    At school, she never let anyone copy off (from her).

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Same stem words

написа́ть [na-pee-sát'] Verb
to write
писа́ть [pee-sát'] Verb
to write

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