Russian word of the day: Суметь

Jan 22, 2020
[ su-myét' ]

Verb , perfective

to be able, to manage, to succeed


  • Мы суме́ли найти́ реше́ние пробле́мы.

    my su-myé-lee naî-tée ree-shé-nee-ye prab-lyé-my

    We managed to find a solution to the problem.

  • Он вряд ли суме́ет сохрани́ть свой пост по́сле таки́х разоблаче́ний.

    on vryát lee su-myé-eet sah-ra-néet' svoî post pós-lye ta-keéh ra-za-bla-chyé-neeî

    He is unlikely to be able to maintain his position after such revelations.

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