Russian word of the day: Посоветовать

Nov 12, 2019
[ pa-sa-vyé-ta-vat' ]

Verb , perfective

Imperfective - сове́товать (see below)

to advise, to counsel, to recommend, to suggest


  • Посове́туете ли вы наш се́рвис друзья́м и знако́мым?

    pa-sa-vyé-tu-ye-tye lee vy nash syér-vees druz'-yam ee zna-kó-mym

    Would you recommend our service to your friends and acquaintances?

  • До́ктор посове́товал ему́ воздержа́ться от нагру́зок.

    dók-tar pa-sa-vyé-ta-val ye-mú vaz-deer-zhá-tsa at na-grú-zak

    The doctor advised him to refrain from hard work / stress.

The imperfective aspect

[ sa-vyé-ta-vat' ]
to advise, to counsel, to recommend, to suggest
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