Russian word of the day: Терпение

Jun 23, 2017

How to say 

"Patience" in Russian



Noun , neuter


Russian Pod 101


  • Моё терпе́ние исся́кло!

    ma-yó teer-pyé-nee-ye ees-syák-la

    My patience has run out!

  • Никако́го терпе́ния на тебя́ не хвата́ет!

    nee-ka-kó-va teer-pyé-nee-ya na tee-byá nye hva-tá-eet

    No patience is enough to deal with you!

Same stem words

вы́терпеть [vý-teer-pyét'] Verb
to endure, to bear; to undergo, to suffer
потерпе́ть [pa-teer-pyét'] Verb
to be patient, to tolerate, to suffer
терпе́ть [teer-pyét'] Verb
to endure, to tolerate, to bear, to stand

Related words and phrases

ссо́ра [ssó-ra] Noun
quarrel, altercation, falling-out
притворя́ться [pree-tva-ryá-tsa] Verb
to feign, to pretend, to act, to simulate
угоща́ться [u-ga-schá-tsa] Verb
to treat oneself, to help oneself
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun

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