Russian word of the day: Танцевать

Jun 09, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to dance


  • Она́ о́чень хорошо́ танцу́ет.

    a-ná ó-cheen' ha-ra-shó tan-tsú-yet

    She dances very well.

  • Они́ танцева́ли и весели́лись всю ночь.

    a-née tan-tse-vá-lee ee vee-see-lée-lees' fsyu noch

    They danced and had fun all night long.

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Related words and phrases

силова́я трениро́вка [see-la-vá-ya tree-nee-róf-ka] Phrase
weight training
плыть [plyt'] Verb , imperfective
to swim, to float, to sail
пла́вать [plá-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to swim, to float
трениро́вка [tree-nee-róf-ka] Noun , feminine , plural - трениро́вки
training, workout, practice

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