Russian phrase of the day: Так тебе и надо

Jan 13, 2018

так тебе́ и на́до

tak tee-byé ee ná-da


you asked for it!, it serves you right!


  • Меня́ чуть то́ком не уда́рило. - Так тебе́ и на́до, не бу́дешь лезть куда́ не про́сят.

    mee-nyá chut' tó-kam nye u-dá-ree-la. - tak tee-byé ee ná-da, nye bú-deesh lyezt' ku-dá nye pró-syat

    I almost got electrocuted. - You asked for it, next time you won't go where you are not asked to.

  • Андре́я с рабо́ты уво́лили. - Так ему́ и на́до, давно́ пора́ бы́ло!

    and-ryé-ya s ra-bó-ty u-vó-lee-lee. - tak ye-mú ee ná-da, dav-nó pa-ra bý-la!

    Andrei got fired from his job. - He deserves it, should have done it long ago!

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всё путём [fsyo pu-tyóm] Phrase
everything is ok / tip-top
так получи́лось [tak pa-lu-chée-las'] Phrase
it happened this way, it so fell out
ещё чего́ [ye-schó chee-vó] Phrase
expresses a sharp disagreement, protest, displeasure with smth.
вот те на [vot tye na] Phrase
expresses surprise

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