Russian word of the day: Сварить

Jul 10, 2018



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - вари́ть

to cook by boiling


  • Свари́ карто́шки к у́жину.

    sva-rée kar-tósh-kee k ú-zhee-nu

    Boil some potatoes for dinner.

  • Ма́ма свари́ла суп, пошли́ есть.

    má-ma sva-rée-la sup, pash-lee yest'

    Mum cooked a soup, let's go eat.

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Related words and phrases

плита́ [plee-tá] Noun , feminine
stove, cooker
сковорода́ [ska-va-ra-dá] Noun , feminine
frying pan
реце́пт [ree-tsept] Noun , masculine
recipe; prescription
духо́вка [du-hóf-ka] Noun , feminine

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