Russian word of the day: Сутки

Nov 19, 2017

How to say 

"24 hours" in Russian



Noun , plural

24 hours, day (and night)


  • Они́ откры́ты 24 ча́са в су́тки.

    a-née atk-rý-ty dvá-tsat' chee-tý-rye chee-sá f sút-kee

    They are open 24 hours a day.

  • Шли вторы́е су́тки пути́.

    shlee vta-rý-ye sút-kee pu-tée

    It's been the second day of the trip.

Related words and phrases

давно́ [dav-nó] Adverb
a long time ago
ско́ро [skó-ra] Adverb
вчера́ [fchee-rá] Adverb
вре́мя [vryé-mya] Noun
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