Russian word of the day: Руль

Jul 04, 2019

How to say 

"Steering wheel" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - рули́

steering wheel


  • За рулём дорого́й маши́ны сиде́ла седа́я стару́шка.

    za ru-lyóm da-ra-góî ma-shée-ny see-dyé-la see-dá-ya sa-rúsh-ka

    A gray-haired old woman was driving (was at the steering wheel of) an expensive car.

  • Поверни́ руль впра́во.

    pa-veer-née rul' fprá-va

    Turn the steering wheel to the right.

Related words and phrases

остано́вка [as-ta-nóf-ka] Noun
(bus, taxi, etc.) stop
про́бка [próp-ka] Noun
cork; stopper; (traffic) jam
вертолёт [veer-ta-lyót] Noun
электри́чка [e-leek-tréech-ka] Noun
electric/commuter train
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