Russian word of the day: Станция

Jan 06, 2019

How to say 

"Station" in Russian



Noun , feminine

Plural - ста́нции



  • На како́й ста́нции мы выхо́дим?

    na ka-kóî stán-tsee-ee my vy-hó-deem

    On what station do we come out?

  • Где ближа́йшая ста́нция метро́?

    gdye blee-zháî-sha-ya stán-tsee-ya meet-ró

    Where is the nearest metro station?

Same stem words

остано́вка [as-ta-nóf-ka] Noun
(bus, taxi, etc.) stop
Russian Pod 101

Related words and phrases

вулка́н [vul-kán] Noun
те́ма [tyé-ma] Noun
theme, topic, subject
трамва́й [tram-váî] Noun
tram, tramway
интервью́ [een-terv'-yú] Noun
interview (a correspondent's conversation with somebody)

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