Russian word of the day: Спортзал

Jun 27, 2018

How to say 

"Gym" in Russian



Noun , masculine

gym, gymnasium


  • Ря́дом с мои́м до́мом откры́ли но́вый спортза́л.

    ryá-dam s ma-éem dó-mam at-krý-lee nó-vyî sport-zál

    A new gymnasium was opened near my house.

  • Соревнова́ния проходи́ли в шко́льном спортза́ле.

    sa-reev-na-vá-nee-ya pra-ha-dée-lee v shkól'-nam sport-zá-lye

    Competitions were held in the school gym.

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Related words and phrases

плыть [plyt'] Verb , imperfective
to swim, to float, to sail
подхо́д [pat-hót] Noun , masculine
approach; (in fitness) set of repetitions
силова́я трениро́вка [see-la-vá-ya tree-nee-róf-ka] Phrase
weight training
боле́ть за [ba-lyét' za] Phrase
to root for, to be a fan of

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